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King's Valley

King's Valley : rule exlpanation
King's Valley i-phone app
This game is a simple race game to make own king piece reach at center tile "King's Valley".
5 by 5 grid board is small, so we must play as same as puzzle game. We don't have many variations with strategy. If we know some basic strategy, we couldn't lose at first player. So that I think it is a little bit bored as an abstract board game.
But this is merit, too. We can understand rules very easily with less than 30 seconds. And more we don't need much experience to skill up playing. Everyone, young and old, skillful or not, can play evenly.

In December 2010 developing AI solved strategy completely, first player absolutely win with 9 takes. Please someone who interested in solving strategy try to, but it isn't easy.
Anyway I designed new starting position when i-phone app released in 2010. That is "Retrieve the king". Each King pieces are at opponent area on center tile. That's all. But strategy is several times difficult. Ai sought all 13 takes, but he couldn't solve strategy yet. New starting position makes this game very interesting as abstract strategy board game.
I-phone app is 1.99 dollar, it is very enjoyable, isn't it!

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