Yonmoque Game

Object: To get 4 pieces in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Number of Players: Two


There are only two things that a player can do on his/her turn.
put a piece on the board (if pieces are available), or move a piece that is already on the board.

On a player's turn, he may put an unplayed piece on any unoccupied square.

On a player's turn. he may move any of his pieces that are on the board.
Each piece can move one space in any direction( identical to a King in Chess).
However, white pieces on white squares can move along the entire chain of
white squares( like a Bishop in Chess). Same with the blue pieces on blue
squares. The half white and half blue squares at the center and on the corners
are neutral (neither blue nor white).

●◯◯  -----> ●◯◯● -----> ●●●●
   ↑      ↑↑
   ●       FLIP


If a player moves a piece into a position that surrounds an opponent's pieces in a line( horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), then the opponents pieces are FLIPPED. For example, in the figure above, if blue moves his piece as indicated by the arrow, then the two white pieces will be bounded on either side by blue pieces. Therefore, when blue makes the above move, the white pieces are flipped and they become blue.

3) FLIPS only occur when a player makes a MOVE. A player cannot cause an opponent's pieces to FLIP by PUTTING a piece on the board.

4) A player can only win with four in a row with a MOVE. A player may PUT a piece on the board to create four in a row, but this is not a win.

5) If any player creates 5 in a row with his/her color, he/she loses.

How to Play:

1:Divide 12 pieces evenly between the two players.

2:Decide who will be blue and who will be white.

3:Blue always plays first.

4:At the biginning of game, there are no pieces on the board, so the blue player starts by putting a piece anywhere on the board.

5:The white player then places a piece on the board.

6:On the blue player's second turn, he can either put another piece on the board, or move the piece which is already on the board.

7:There is no rule regarding how many pieces a player must play. Of course, each player must PUT at least one piece on the board.

8:Play continues until either one player has won(4 in a row), or one player has lost(5 in a row)


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