New board game was born in 2017
which is perfectly even play for all people regardless they have a sight or not.

I recently took on the challenge of creating a game that could be played by sighted and sight-impaired players alike, with no advantage to either player. I am happy to announce that I have created an epic strategy board game for the sight impaired community.
The game Megateh(めがて:目我天)<isn't a game for only sight-impaired person.>
This 3 dimensional, multi-player game is<equally challenging and fun regardless of whether or not the players have vision limitations.>

The game is easy to play. The goal is to make 4 in-a-row or steps by placing pieces on the board.

●This is a highly tactile and physical game with ceramic and wooden pieces that is based on touch and does not rely on artificial sound effects.
●The board structure is designed to aide sight-impaired players.
●Holes on the board indicate where players can legally place their pieces.

The game Megateh(めがて:目我天)is designed everyone can enjoy perfectly even playing by touching. Whether you and your friends are sighted or sight-impaired this game provides a fun evening of strategy, gaming and fun conversation.

Contents of Megateh

【Players】 2〜6
【Board】 One 4 x 4 grid board
【Pieces】 8 “single level” flat disks, 8 “single level” dimple disks and 8 reversible flat and dimple “two levels” disks

●Each player takes turns alternating from one to the next by placing any one unplaced disk on any open space on the board.
●You may also “stack” disks by placing any “single level” on another already placed “single level” disk (creating two levels of height). You can also place a “two level” reversible flat and dimple disk on top of an already placed single level disk (Creating three levels of height).
●Please Note that placing a single level piece on top of a double level piece is NOT allowed.
●No more than two pieces can be “stacked” on top of each other.

【Winning the game】
If, on your turn, any of these three conditions are met you win the game (for two player games) or match (for three or more players). Each of three conditions can be accomplished through horizontal, vertical, or diagonal placement.

1: Creating “steps” in the order of single, double and triple “steps” in height level (created by disks and “stack” combination of disks played) regardless of the disks face figure.

2:Creating “four in a row” at the same height (single, double or triple) level regardless of the disks face figure.

3: Creating “four in a row” with the same “top facing” figure regardless of height level.

【Three or more player games】
After all players have alternated placing first at the start of a match, the game ends. Players receive points at the end of each match. When the game ends, points are added up and the highest score wins.

【Scoring in three or more player games】
The winner of the match receives 5 points when they place a disk that wins the match.
The “loser” of the match is the player who plays immediately before the winning turn. The “loser” receives 1 point. All other players receive 3 points.

Detail about components

●Players can get all perfect information for playing by touching.

●Tree king of disks are very easy to distinguish by touching.

●Holes on the board can indicate the playce where the disks be placed and keep them not to move by touching.

●Small tile on the side isn't decoration. Players can know the board orientation by touching it even if your opponent turns the board.

●All pieces are settled on the board perfectly. You can notice missing the disks easily.

product releasing schedule

I am going to launch this project at coming autumn 2017 on Kickstarter. Stay tuned for more details!

Megateh(めがて:目我天) Wooden board $58 USD

Maretials Board:Ntural wood, wood oil finish、ceramic tiles decolation
Pieces:Ntural wood, wood oil finish
Size Wooden board:6×6×1(thick)in
Pieces:1in tound、0.25in thick(single)、0.5in thick(double)
Weight(include gifr box) 400grams
Price $58 USD

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