Let's make your own design Sky Scrapers board and enjoy family games!

at Essen Germany 2010
Now we are starting Sky Scrapers project.
Sky Scrapers has much potentiality to extend many variations, for example we play any kind of board shapes and pieces position. When we were challenging KS crowdfunding this spring and we invented new 4 variation games because we can easily arrange interesting and fairly optional rules.

We did new crowdfunding project from 18th September 2015.
The Buildings is up to 6 building construction games based of Sky Scrapers are combined in one box.
We could reach at funding goal due to many support and backings. Thank you very much.

The Buildings

the buildings
Now we are starting a new project!
Up to 6 building construction games based of Sky Scrapers are combined in one box.
Sky Scrapers: basic game.
Sky Scrapers Cat Town: deformed board imaging of cat’s street.
Duel Line: simplest board made of almost straight line to make a tallest building.
Tallest: large version of Tallest to make a tallest building.
6 Buildings: to keep more buildings at the central 6 spaces.
Illegal Building: to make buildings on the platform pieces within a limit stack numbers.

You can enjoy playing 6 different games.
They are designed with Sky Scraper system so pieces moves are basically similar. But each strategies are different.
Card board game set is really light and easy to ship in the world on reasonable shipping fee. That is the good way to provide our games to the world.
So we are planning Kickstarter crowdfunding again in this September.
The Buildings box reward pledge is $25 include shipping fee.

Individual games information, check here.

the buildings

Make your own design board!

There are 2 sizes of board you can order.

●20cm original design Tile board game set is $100. Standard size.
Optional: Hand color paint is plus $30, wood framing is plus $30.

●30cm original design Tile board game set is $300. Big city size.
Optional: Hand color paint is plus $50, wood framing is plus $50.

Plus shipping fee. (Maybe 20cm board is about $20-30 and 30cm is more than $60)
Click here to go LOGY GAME shipping list

What you can order arrangement.
1: You can design original matrix.
2: You can arrange original photos and illustrations onto the board.
3: Fix the player numbers 2 to 4. We prepare color tile pieces for players.
4: You can arrange rules to add neutral pieces.
5: You can register own board name.

board size
Left is 20cm tile and right is 30cm tile. Wood frame is optional service.

board size board size
20cm board is consist of 42 points and 30cm board is 99 points at most.

hand painting
Hand paint optional is valid for background color painting such as photo images.

Matrix line color is mono color which is sepia (brown) due to ceramic printing system on this semi-order plan. Of course we can make other color matrix painting to use silk screen printing, but it costs additional money to make silk screen. Additional cost is $100 or more.
We have any kind of ceramic painting techniques for example full color printings and so on. We can do anything but those full order making is not reasonable for one-off product. But if you want, of course We can make it. Please ask detail by e-mail.
Christmas original board Cat original board
You can design matrix with points and paths and arrange photos and illustlations onto board.

Optional Service own board for sale

If you want sell your original design board set on LOGY GAMES web site, you can do it.
You can obtain designer’s royalty 20% of sales price.
Sales price of 20cm board set is $50 and 30cm one is $100.

Sky Scrapers basic
"Sky Scrapers" is a game of attacking pieces for two players. Each player moves to stack his pieces onto other piece(s).
A sky scraper is four or more pieces.The winner is the player with most sky scrapers.

Sky Scrapers basic board is made with a ceramic board and tiles.
original board
original board original board original board original board original board

Board variation is numerous more than dozen billions.
original board
original board

Sky Scrapers use matrix designed board consist of intersection spaces and paths. Stack must move on the path.
This is very different point. Board matrix is too many maybe more than billions.
I will show two different board images. Pieces starting position is same on both board but pieces moving is completely different because of paths matrix difference.
This is characteristic point of Sky Scrapers and this project.
original board

Tsubuan cafe, in Ome, near Tokyo, hosts board-game evenings using original boards decorated with the Tsubuan cafe logo.
original board
original board

"Sky Scrapers workshop" was hold on this summer 2015 at Tsubuan-cafe Tokyo.
This workshop was to make original design board by children themselves.
They played Sky Scrapers basic at first and learned game system. Then they tried to design themselves and made their boards. Finaly they enjoyed playing with their mothers and family.
original board
original board original board



mail order

Free App for windows PC
app for windows

Designing and hands-on process

Family games

Duel line
Duel line

6 Buildings

Illegal Building
illegal building




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