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Artisan crafts? Yes, but the strategic board games!

Logy Games
Welcome to LOGY GAMES !!
Every games are originally designed by Mitsuo Yamamoto from rules to components. They are all hand-made articles.
Ceramic tile material games are unique in the world, besides simple easy rules make them stratigic and brain burning.
We are sure you may really enjoy our games.

making process

Free diagrams for Print and Play

Let's play 8 games, Yonmoque, King's Valley, Kachit Knights, Beehive, Skips, JumPico, Jump, Dr. Sue

Home made games
Easy to make and fun to play with your family at home!
home made game

Now three games are published internationally from other publishers!

published games

We provide our games to game fans by international mail order!

Mail Order
We are challenging another solution to provide our games to game fans by crowdfunding campaign!


HANETO is abstract strategy area majority game playing with 2 to 6 players on the hexagonal compact board.
It is inspired by the Nebuta Matsuri.

We launch 跳人:HANETO campaign at 12th November 2020 for 20 days!
Now campaign page is live until 2nd December.

Finished Campaign Logs

We launched over 20 campaigns for recent 5 years.
Please check the past campaign whick you are interested in!
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You can purchase all games on past Kickstarter campaign.
Game prices are almost same as capmaign price. 100 JPYen =1 USD
飛人:TOBITO 1261% funded in 30th June 2020
Home Made Game 129% funded in 28th May 2020
This was not game product campaign.
Tac-Tile Choss 247% funded in 26th February 2020
Tac-Tile Choss
Ring Collector 148% funded in 10th December 2019
Ring Collector
Honesty Stone 195% funded in 3rd September 2019
Honey Stones
Kachit Knight 400% funded in 2th June 2019
Kachit Knight
Chameleon 188% funded in 5th March 2019
Dubai Race 300% funded in 8th December 2018
Dubai Race
Lumber Merchant 433% funded in 28th August 2018
Lumber Marchant
Skip55 155% funded in 7th June 2018
Beehive 304% funded in 1st March 2018
Senet-modern 144% funded in 13th December 2017
Senet Modern
Megateh(めがて:目我天) 226% funded in 26th September 2017

simple explanation site here
Paseo 174% funded in 26th June 2017
Safari-Dual 189% funded in 23th April 2017
Safari Dual
GoRoGo 496% funded in 29th Jamuary 2017

simple explanation site here
YONMOQUE Japanesque 277% funded in 13th November 2016

simple explanation site here
ACTOP 552% funded in 25th July 2016

simple explanation site here
King's Valley 330% funded in 3rd May 2016/
Kings Valley

simple explanation site here
e-SOLO-e(絵揃) 612% funded in 6th February 2016

simple explanation site here
The Buildings 128% funded in 20th October 2015
The Buildings
Sky Scrapers Project failed in June 2015
Sky Scrapers Project

simple explanation site here

Rules in world languages

Fortunately we could get some supporters who helped to translate rules in their language.
I am sure these translation will be helpful to understand my games around the world.
Thank you for good jobs I appreciate all your efforts.
Domoz (French)
e-SOLO-e French.pdf
King's Valley French.pdf
ACTOP French.pdf

Stephane Athimon (French)
Beehive French.pdf
e-SOLO-e French.pdf
Senet-modern French.pdf

Torsten Sammet (Germany)
e-SOLO-e Germany.pdf
Paseo Germany.pdf
Jumpico and Skips Germany.pdf

Rigor Mortis (Italian)
e-SOLO-e Italian YouTube video

Introduction of Games besides of Kickstarter

New! 2014 King's Valley Labyrinth
Labyrinth "King's Valley Labyrinth" is new game in 2014.
Labyrinth is King's Valley on 7 by 7 board. 4 pillar stones are added and they make the game's strategy more deep and difficult.

player=2, play time=5-20minutes, strategy=7/10, designed in June 2014

New! 2014 Fuer (Extension)
Extension "Extension" is new game in 2014. That is too excited!!
4 pieces in-a-raw as partial game and 5 pieces in-a-raw as inpartial game are mixed. It is exactry favorite system and rule.

player=2, play time=3-15minutes, strategy=7/10, designed in March 2014

Sky Scrapers
Sky Scrapers "Sky Scrapers" is pieces atacking game. 2 players move own piece(s) and stack onto other piece(s). Less than 3 stack is building and 4 or more stack is skyscraper.
The winner is to have more skyscrapers.

player=2, play time=10-15minutes, strategy=6/10, designed in July 2010

Ancient Construct
Ancient Construct "Ancient Construct" is a 3 dimensional puzzle game. It contains 24 pieces made using 99 tile blocks and a square wooden and/or tile base (game board).
One needs not only 3D imagination, but also great balance and precision. All pieces are intentionally made uneven as handcrafted by the artisan gamemaker, which makes it more difficult to balance.

player=1-4and more, play time=5-10minute,s strategy=4/10, designed in January 2009

3andC "3andC" is tic-tac-toe game with no even. In general tic-tac-toe is played even when the skillful players do. 3andC board was arranged not to happen even to add calculation system. Tiles on the board are numbered 1 2 3 and three of them are colored in blue. When both players can't make 3 pieces in a row, player who gets bigger sum number of tiles where own pieces on will win. And when sums are same, player who gets more blue tiles will win. Tiles aren't fixed, so you shuffle them and make a different board pattern in every play. You can enjoy interesting play every times with no even!

player=2, play time=1-3minutes, strategy=5/10, designed in July 2006

JumPico "JumPico" is a race game . 2 players move pieces from own side to opponent side each other by turn. JumPico is played on a surface consisting of 6 hollows. Each player has four pieces: 0 (blank), 1, 2, and 3. The winner is the first player who moves all 4 pieces to opponent side. Or the player can't move on the board is looser.
player=2, play time=1-3minutes, strategy=6/10, designed in January 2007

Skips "Skips" is race game . 2 players move pieces from own side to opponent side each other by turn. Each pieces are printed different number's dots 1,2,3. And player can move a piece to dot's number blank space skipping othe piece(s) on the board. But you can not stop on the space same number of piece's dots. The winner is the first player who moves 3 pieces to opponent side. Or the player can not move on the board is looser.
player=2, play time=1-3minutes, strategy=5/10, designed in January 2008

Le SHOGI "Le SHOGI" means limited edition SHOGI. This is a variant of Japanese SHOGI game. "Le SHOGI" is mini SHOGI to use compact board and re-designed pieces with directionale icon characters.
So that even for foreigners and beginners it is easier to play the game.
player=2, play time=10-20minutes, strategy=8/10, designed in August 2009

Design SHOGI
Universal Design SHOGI Japanese SHOGI game is one of most popular Japanese strategy board games and which pieces are designed by Japanese KAIJI characters. Board and pieces are re-designed with no Japanese KAIJI characters. It is easier to understand SHOGI game.
player=2, play time=30minutes-1hour, and more strategy=10/10, re-designed in August 2009

We can provide our games to game fans by international mail order!

Mail Order

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