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We can bring our games to game fans by international mail order!

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We can accept PayPal payment.

International shipping fee

If your order is multiple games, shipping fee will be calculated on whole weight include packge.
under 2000g: registered international air packet, over 2000g: EMS
Games are shipped by Japan Post's international service which is registered and insured.
You may receive tracking information from Japan Post.
package weight delivery area
200g 8 USD 8 USD 7 USD
300g 9 USD 9 USD 8 USD
400g 11 USD 11 USD 9 USD
500g 12 USD 12 USD 10 USD
800g 17 USD 17 USD 13 USD
1000g 20 USD 20 USD 15 USD
1250g 23 USD 23 USD 17 USD
1500g 25 USD 25 USD 19 USD
2000g 30 USD 30 USD 24 USD
2500g 52 USD 58 USD 38 USD
3000g 59 USD 66 USD 43 USD
4000g 73 USD 82 USD 53 USD
You can choice packaging solution from two ways. One is padded envelop another is corrugated box.

Due to reasonable shipping fee we use the padded envelope for a single or small package. It has thick sides, so is stiff enough to stop the box moving around. Many shipping experiments could show the safety delivery.

We use corrugated board box for large or many games. Smallest box size is 238*218*137mm and weight is 160g.
We can pack them up to four standard size games or three large games in it.
We will calculate and tell you exact whole weight when we confirm your order.

VAT & Tariff

We provide our games by international shipping from Japan, your country may impose VAT and import tariff on the products according to its own policy. Since we are not up to date with the information about VAT/tariff policy of each country, it is recommended that each backer check with their country's policies beforehand. (Usually it is not imposed when the total price is below a certain threshold.)
The typical procedure is that the backer pays these fees to the delivery company personnel when receiving the product.

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